Marketing Services Overview

If you were to ask, "What does MarketNext do?" I'd reply, "What are your goals? And what's challenging you in reaching those goals?" That's because I don't just provide services. I provide solutions.

Every conversation begins with a consultation where we discuss your vision for the future and the people you're trying to reach to make your dream come alive. From there, I draw on more than twenty years of marketing communications experience to help you hone your message and develop multi-channel marketing strategies for the best ways to present that message.

Outcomes range from dozens of New York Times bestselling books to multi-million dollar fundraising results.

Depending on where you are in your planning process, your needs, and your time constraints, we might deploy a combination of the following services.

Strategic planning & branding

High-level communication plans identifying goals, target audiences, techniques, timing, assignments, and measurement
We refine your "brand" based on a clear understanding of the people you want to reach. What do they need? How are they searching for information? What will keep them coming back for more?

Content, proposal, or grant writing

Choosing targeted, persuasive words that sell your story
We craft messages and impressions that speak directly to your buyers, clients or donors and pull on their heartstrings — and their wallets.

Website Design & SEO

Rethinking your existing website — or starting from scratch — from the perspective of your target audience
Is your website what I call a "brochure website" where it lists a menu of products or services? We turn that into an engaging, interactive experience that keeps your visitors coming back for more. See Marketing for Businesses for a deeper discussion of the MarketNext approach to websites.

Online Store Setup

Crafting mobile-friendly retail experiences that make it easy to buy

We create an online store that's appealing, logical and intuitive for your buyers. And that's not all. We "design smart," integrating your store with your website in a way that reduces the work you do each time you add a new product. Because we are confident your business is going to grow!

Developmental Editing, Line Editing, Copy Editing

Wordsmithing for proper grammar and impact
Whether you're writing a book to create a platform, or creating platforms to sell your book, MarketNext can step in early in the process with developmental suggestions or assist with line editing or copy editing down the road. I routinely provide editing services for other forms of writing, including blogs, newsletters, long-form LinkedIn posts, and more. It's a best practice to run your writing past a fresh set of eyes before publishing for the world to see. And I love the back-and-forth as we watch your writing bloom.

Blogging Strategies & Social Media Posts

Designing blogging and social media campaigns to build loyal communities
Based on the interests of your readers, we identify topics and approaches to transform your blog and social media pages into trusted resources. We might fine-tune your video scripts, design eye-catching images, or provide prompts or research to inspire your writing. Bonus:  SEO techniques to capture more views.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Composing visually appealing emails to keep subscribers engaged
If anyone tells you email marketing is "dead," send them an article about the elusive algorithm changes on Facebook or the limitations of Instagram. Sure, social media platforms are important — if selectively used — but the relative reliability and logic of the email inbox means email marketing should be an integral and consistent part of your communications plan. Take advantage of our award-winning email campaign design and strategy to keep your target audiences engaged and informed.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Keeping key audiences accessible and manageable
I list CRM last because it's the most technical piece on this page, but let me tell you, I believe wholeheartedly that The Customer Is King, and your customer database is your most valuable marketing asset. MarketNext can devise ways to collect the data you need, make sense of it, and use it.

Why MarketNext?

Because I listen. To you. To your clients. I will make you and your business feel special — because you are special. You will sense my passion for your cause and my profound belief in your imminent success.