The Story Behind MarketNext Communications

Lucy Davis

I love what I do!  Over the years, I've created marketing strategies for an interesting and diverse set of clients.  A sample:

  • national junior ballroom dancing champion;
  • Olympic figure skater;
  • orthopedic consultant to the Chicago Wolves, White Sox, and Bulls;
  • WWII spy.

See what I mean?

In addition, I've worn marketing hats for the New York Times bestselling authors, executive coaches, sport psychologists, startup entrepreneurs, a list of awe-inspiring nonprofits, and more.

MarketNext for me is the best of all worlds. I get to connect fascinating people and important organizations with their target audiences. I’m drawn to projects that allow me to shine a spotlight on services, products, funding, or knowledge that generate hope, joy and success.

A family member who ran a large company used to chide us to learn “flexibility and capacity,” if nothing else, in life. If only he knew how essential those skills would become in this era. We are literally living in an epochal moment that will consume chapters in history books. Talk about a pivotal time! Many of the jobs and products we enjoy today will disappear. We have to be poised to predict future needs. Empathy for the buyer is key. So is ongoing study. I make professional development a priority so I stay on top of trends and learn from the gurus who are predicting the future. That’s what the “next” in MarketNext implies:  solutions with the future in mind.

Lucy Davis

Founder & Owner, MarketNext Communications

What do my clients say?

"An astute listener with a unique ability to transform ideas into a cohesive vision."

"Lucy's knowledge of social media and building websites is extraordinary and we love that her insights were always right on target."

"It was incredible how in-tune Lucy Davis is to our unique business."

"Lucy's work is meticulous, accurate, creative, and most importantly, effective."

"Encouraging, extremely hard working, genuine and sincere."

"It has been a welcome educational experience for me to experience the intricacies of a successful internet campaign coaxed and guided by a true expert!"

"Exquisite organization ... dedication and skill."

"Lucy Davis of MarketNext Communications is a gem!"

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