Marketing for Businesses

Looking for creative business ideas from an experienced marketing manager? For more than twenty-five years, I’ve developed strategies to build brands and loyal customer communities.

Startup Marketing Plans

I've had the pleasure of helping startups establish marketing plans in fields as diverse as the cookie business, art, publishing, career counseling, mental health, and executive coaching. We'll set up the most effective platforms for your business. Those could include an online store in Shopify; websites or blogs in WordPress or SquareSpace; CRM (managing customers through a database); Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube channels; video scripts; or email marketing tools.

By the way, I offer to teach you how to use each of these platforms.  You can take over — if you wish — and manage them yourself using your customized User Guide.

There's no such thing as a cookie-cutter solution — well, except for the cookie business I mentioned above! We'll find ways to capture the attention of the people you want to reach without losing sight of your time and budget constraints.

Website Makeovers for Existing Businesses

Sometimes we are so busy running our businesses from the inside that we forget to pause and consider how we look from the outside. Things change and we don't even realize it! Does that website you created five years ago speak to your customers today? Does it grab their interest in a glance? Do they know what they're supposed to do on the site? Is it easy to use on a mobile phone? Does it keep them coming back for more?

I'll help you evaluate these questions and find solutions, whether we reorganize the navigation, write new pieces of content, or give your website a whole new look.

Coaching & Marketing Support

In special situations, MarketNext Communications considers requests for long-term arrangements to provide on-demand coaching, content planning, writing, technical skills, and analysis. Clients appreciate an ongoing unbiased appraisal from someone who understands their unique needs, and I enjoy the collaboration as we watch their businesses grow.

All-Inclusive Solutions from MarketNext Communications

Why cobble together different companies for strategic planning, website development, content writing, editing, and customer relationship management? Who has time to coordinate that kind of team? MarketNext Communications can provide one cohesive solution based on years of experience and successful results.

"Lucy's ability to envision, plan, and produce a website that is beautiful, functional, and fun in incredible. She is excellent at anticipating needs and problem-solving creatively, and her attention to detail is unparalleled. Her clear communication style and consistent responsiveness make the process seamless and time-efficient. I can't imagine working with anyone else to develop my website."


"We had a vision for our online business but at the same time didn't have the skills or the understanding of social media and the importance of an online presence. A mutual friend suggested we meet with Lucy to help build our brand awareness and create a website that personified who we are together with our business needs. Lucy's knowledge of social media and building websites is extraordinary and we love that her insights were always right on target. She immediately understood what we were looking for regarding web design and our target audience, and at the same time helped us to develop the skills necessary to become self-sufficient. Lucy developed questions that allowed us to think beyond the day-to-day, and in the process she continually educated us through phone calls, online articles and suggestions – this was above and beyond what we had expected. We are thrilled with the end result and would HIGHLY recommend Lucy and MarketNext Communications."


“MarketNext has transformed our nonprofit. We now have a strong and inviting website and this has been a game changer for us. MarketNext has helped to shape the goals of our organization now and for the future.”


“‘I’ve been told I work 3 times faster than others’ was what stuck in my mind the first time I spoke to Lucy about my website project and marketing strategy. Not once have I been disappointed by her solid work ethic, ridiculously efficient speed, and the way she meets the high demand of her customer. I call her my secret weapon for success. It’s been a pleasure to work with her and she is a genuine expert.”


"MarketNext was extremely helpful in setting up our website.  Lucy was so good at taking our broad visions of our site and materializing them into concrete layout, font, image, and content decisions.  Because of her insight and attention to detail, we felt treated more as a partner in a business venture, rather than merely a customer."


Ready for help navigating the marketing world?